What Parents Need To Know When Designing A Kids Bedroom

It can be hard for parents to remember what it was like to be a kid. After all, in the eyes of many children, their parents haven’t been kids since the time of the dinosaurs!

For many parents, it can seem like something of an easy task to design their children’s bedroom, particularly if they have young children. However, children and adults see bedrooms very differently, and it can be worth having some ideas of what you’ll need to do when designing a child’s bedroom.

So, here are some things to consider!


When you’re designing a child’s bedroom, safety needs to be the top priority. Whether you’re looking to have a triple bunk bed or a wardrobe put in the bedroom, you need to make sure that they’re all fixed to the walls as needed and that (if the furniture is second-hand) it’s in good condition.

Try to ensure that there are no sharp edges, and make sure there are outlet covers, especially if the room is going to be used by younger children or may be accessed by a curious, crawling toddler. Make sure that the products that are used to varnish the furniture and the flooring and to paint the walls are safe and non-toxic. Also, if you’re having curtains or blinds fitted to cover the window, be mindful of the cords, as these can present a choking hazard.

Age Appropriate

How old is the child, or the children who are going to be using the room as their space? The design of the room needs to be age-appropriate, from the type of furniture you have in the room to the colour scheme and other parts of the décor.

Try to choose a colour scheme that can grow with your child as, when they get older, they may not want the characters from their favourite TV show when they were a toddler on their walls anymore. Many parents get around this by using neutral colours, such as whites, creams, and greens. If you want to put wall decals up, try to make sure you get removable ones, as well as ensure that any baby or toddler-themed parts of the room, like rugs, can be removed as the child gets older.


Between their birthdays, Christmas, and simple trips to the store, kids accumulate a lot of belongings. These can range from clothes, toys, and books. So, you’ll need to ensure that there’s ample storage space in their rooms to help keep everything organised and neat, as this will also prevent accidents. Popular options include shelves, shelving units, toy bins, underbed storage drawers, and built-in cabinets.

Try to allow your child to choose where everything goes, and, as with the wardrobes mentioned earlier, if you’re using shelving units or shelves, make sure they’re safely and securely attached to the wall.


You’ll need to assess the functionality of the room to ensure it’s a comfortable area for your child to play in. Many children use their bedrooms as a play area, somewhere where they read, and where they do their homework. So, consider adding a desk and chair for homework, as well as a play corner. Also, make sure that your children can reach the shelves and all the key parts of the shelving units without needing to climb, as this will help them to use the space safely.

Personalise the Space

Even adults like to personalise their bedroom space, so try to involve your child in some parts of the design process. This can help them really take pride in their room and will help them to explore their creativity. Get posters for the walls, get a sign for the door, and, of course, make sure that their favourite toys are always within reach!

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