Taking a Look at Popular Outdoor Kids’ Toys Gift Ideas

There’s nothing more enriching and enjoyable than spending some valuable time outdoors with your kids, and there are plenty of great toys available to help keep them entertained and physically engaged. If you want to get more active time in with your child, outdoor kids’ toys can make for an excellent gift. This article will take a look at some of the most popular outdoor kids’ gift ideas for all ages.

Outdoor Toys for Babies

For the littlest members of the family, outdoor toys should be safe and sturdy whilst promoting an element of wonder and exploration for their developing minds. Therefore, options such as baby swings or small inflatable baby pools make great ideas for outdoor gifts. These outdoor kids’ toys are guaranteed to provide countless hours of safe and physically active fun for families with babies.

Outdoor Toys for Toddlers

As your child’s mobility increases, so too do your options for outdoor kids’ toys. Toddlers are generally highly active and love being able to explore their surroundings. In this age group, some great outdoor gift ideas include toys such as ride-on cars and small play tents with detachable tunnels.

Outdoor Toys for Older Kids

For older kids, there are endless possibilities when it comes to outdoor fun. Once your child is fully mobile, the options for outdoor toys for kids are virtually infinite. One of the most popular outdoor toy choices for kids is a basketball hoop. Shooting hoops not only helps your child to develop their hand-eye coordination, but the activity is also positively associated with helping to burn off excess energy. A small inflatable jumping castle is another great option for kids who prefer the fun inflatable interiors that these structures provide over a conventional trampoline.

Special Mentions

Some special mentions of great outdoor toy gifts for kids include:

  • Traditional Sandpit – The sandpit is a classic outdoor kids’ toy that continually translates over generations and is still popular amongst children today. Fortunately, you don’t have to go all the way to the beach or park in order to give your child the benefit and relaxation that comes with sand play, as there are many flat-pack sandboxes and sandpits that parents can easily set up in their own backyard. If you’re thinking of gifting your child a sandpit, it’s important to ensure it’s made from premium FSC-certified timber with rounded corners for added safety.
  • Swing set – The swing set is another classic children’s outdoor toy that still enjoys a high degree of popularity in the present day. Swing sets are not only a great way for your child to get outside and get some exercise, but the swinging motion of this type of play can also have a meditative quality and can be extremely relaxing for some children, helping them to sleep better. There are many flat-pack swing sets available that enable your child to enjoy all of the benefits of swinging from the comfort of their home. When buying a swing set, make sure there’s adequate room in your yard for your child to swing without bumping into any obstructions or objects surrounding the area.

No matter what age your kids may be, there’s sure to be an outdoor toy they’ll love. Not only can you gift your child toys that will increase their physical activity, but you can also gift them outdoor toys that will help you make memories together for a lifetime.

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