How Modern Living has Impacted Our Lives?

With the increase in digitization and the research revolution, the living style has been altered. Every day there is a new invention or discovery that people are made to incorporate into their lives and settle their lives accordingly. Modern technology has definitely made our life easier but also more complex. Whereas our elders used to live a simple chaos-free life, we in today’s world have become much busier irrespective of the fact that there are hundreds of everyday devices that are helping us to make our work efficient, effective, and more productive. Modern living has altered our way of life, it has impacted our lives in several ways and dimensions, and this article would outline the main areas which have been changed.

More Construction, Less Nature

One of the most concerning aspects of today’s life is the increase in concrete structures for which the natural ecosystem has been disturbed. Modern life means more and more rubbish, and fortunately, rubbish removal services are helping us get rid of it, but the question is why on the first hand we are making our natural system sacrifice for the sake of modern lifestyle? The roads, the buildings, the malls, and every new construction are adding more to the devastation of natural life. The plants and trees are being suffered which results in ozone depletion and oxygen deficiency.

Lack of Communication

Everyone has mobile phones, everyone has social media access, and everyone has several options for communication, but there is nothing to talk to others about in person. The lack of communication doesn’t mean that people aren’t socially aware or connected; rather the social connectivity is at its peak, but the physical closeness, the warmth in relations, and the need to meet others and talk to them, have been reduced. Gadgets surely have made the living and communication process easier but people have become cold and so irrelevant to each other that they find nothing to talk about in person.

Stress is Increasing

None of you would have ever heard of terms like depression, anxiety, or stress from your grandparents, but today even a child is complaining of such issues. The overexposure to screens, information, and awareness; plus the pressure of being the best, the race of getting on the top has made today’s generation more stressed and prone to falling for psychological issues. Modern life has brought so much for us, but it has also brought negativity in our life that is difficult to cope with.

Priorities Have Changed

The system of family, the institute of marriage, the bond between couples, everything has become superficial. It seems like modern living is a game of money. Everyone is running after money and is trying to beat others somehow. The priorities of individuals have changed now, and more than family and love, people want to ace material objects.

Physical Issues

Apart from mental health concerns, modern living has also contributed to health issues. This is because modern life has made people lazy, and has introduced the habit of eating unhealthy food, which is leading to serious health risks like heart attack, obesity, hypertension, etc.

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